Pictures for Purpose is a foundation that started life in 2020, with the aim of raising proceeds and awareness for urgent causes through the medium of photography. Inspired by artist-led initiatives in Italy (100 Fotografi Per Bergamo, 2020) and the USA (Pictures for Elmhurst, 2020), we initiated a print sale fundraiser of our own.

The first edition of Pictures for Purpose responded to the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, collaborating with 36 artists based in the Netherlands. The proceeds from each print sold were shared between the Dutch Food Bank and, at their discretion, the participating artists – who themselves had been deprived of valuable streams of income. With this structure, we sought to avoid relying solely on the generosity of the artists, whilst also offering support to those in acute need in the Netherlands. We could never have expected to raise over €200.000 in just two short weeks. 

The second edition of Pictures for Purpose, which runs from 7 June – 21 June 2021, seeks to generate valuable channels of support for another pressing global cause: the climate crisis.

This year Pictures for Purpose hopes to spotlight the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. We chose to raise proceeds for Justdiggit, a NGO with a global impact; they are actively working with local partners in Sub-Saharan Africa and are official partners of the United Nations Environment Programme. Justdiggit proves that you can establish valuable collaborations and make a positive change in the fight against the climate crisis. By buying a print you support Justdiggit in their mission: making our planet greener together.

The fundraiser offers a unique range of established names and emerging talent from across the globe, with many of the featured works embodying hope, shedding light on our changing environment, or spotlighting the relationship between humans and the natural world.

Pictures for Purpose is a creative-led initiative. Offering a curated selection of photography to a large audience, we hope our efforts can play a role in supporting various groups in our community, as well as spotlighting a variety of important causes.  

Isabella van Marle, Kunna Haan, Tijn Benedek & Raisa Kingma. 



Justdiggit is an NGO committed to reviving lost ecosystems, with an emphasis on regreening millions of hectares of land where vegetation is threatened by climate change. 

In Africa, 3 million hectares of forests are lost each year, and 65% of land is affected by degradation. Restoring vegetation is key to bringing down rising global temperatures.

Justdiggit strives to increase the pace and scale of proven solutions, focusing on mobilising farmers and scaling Sustainable Land Management (SLM) practices to protect and enhance ecosytems and livelihoods. Justdiggit’s efforts are set within an enormous and interconnected movement, bringing together NGOs, governments and companies and connecting farmers from Senegal to Malawi, from Tanzania to Botswana. 300 million subsistence farmers in sub-Saharan Africa are empowered to make dry land green again. The impact this could have on biodiversity, water availability, local ecosystems as well as climate change globally – cannot be overstated. 



The United Nations General Assembly has declared the years 2021 to 2030 as the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. Led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations – with the support of partners like Justdiggit – it is designed to prevent, halt and reverse the loss and degradation of ecosystems worldwide.

It aims at reviving hundreds of millions of hectares, covering terrestrial as well as aquatic ecosystems. A global call to action, the UN decade draws together political support, scientific research, and financial muscle to massively scale up restoration. Visit www.decadeonrestoration.org to learn more.




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