Lorenzo Vitturi

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Lorenzo Vitturi
Manta, Cochinilla Dyed Yarn, Polypropylene Sack, Body in Paracas, 2019

Print size: 32 x 22 cm including white border

“This project was inspired by an event in the history of my family: in the 1960s, my father travelled from Venice to Peru, where he opened a Murano glass factory. As well as introducing a new type of material production to the country, the journey allowed my parents to meet for the first time. It also became a starting point for my observation into cultural encounters, and movements of people, objects and materials across the globe.

This particular self-portrait was taken during my trip to the Peruvian desert of Paracas, where I wrapped a series of different materials around my figure. As the materials fuse with my body, the composition become an ephemeral and nomadic sculpture.”