10 March – 24 March 2022

Our third print sale fundraiser was organized to support those affected by Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Funds were raised to support World Central Kitchen, a non-profit devoted to providing fresh meals in the wake of humanitarian, climate, and community crises. 45 international artists, including several Ukrainian names, donated a print towards our cause. Many of the prints evoked notions of freedom, solidarity and resilience. Pictures for Purpose for Ukraine generated a staggering €252.350 in sales over a two-week period.

World Central Kitchen

Founded by Spanish chef José Andrés, World Central Kitchen is a team of first responders, providing fresh meals to those who need them most in humanitarian, climate, and community crises. In each instance, their work asserts that a nourishing meal in a time of crisis is more than a plate of food – it’s hope, it’s dignity, and it’s a sign that someone cares. 

WCK began serving hot meals within hours of the initial invasion of Ukraine, and quickly set up at eight border crossings with Poland. WCK’s Chefs for Ukraine response has grown rapidly, and is distributing nourishing food and fresh meals across the region, including Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Moldova, and Romania. In addition to field kitchens, WCK works with local restaurants, caterers, and food trucks to provide fresh and comforting meals at border crossings and shelters, as well as distributing bulk food products and dry goods to restaurant partners in Ukraine to supplement the strained food supply chain.